Carlos Andrés Sesia, an Argentinian-born artist with a graduate degree in architecture from the University of Buenos Aires, currently resides in Cary, North Carolina. His work has been exhibited in Miami, New York, and Buenos Aires. His architectural training deeply informs his artistic choices in both theme and design.

Sesia’s work in mixed media, digital collage, and painting employs diverse media to engage themes of architecture, power, technology, and the connections between the ancient and the modern. His works often utilize computer parts and connect to one another, emerging in new forms from or resonating previous works. This artistic process reflects a fascination with time as a construct.

In addition to his artwork, he is the author of two books, What A Dollar Has To Tell You: Lo Que Un Dolar Tiene Para Decirte and El Código Dan Brown por Leonardo da Vinci: La Cara Oculta de la Ficcion. He is also a practicing martial artist in aikido.