Many of the works represented on this site are parts of larger series. If you would like additional information on the series, or would like to see more, contact the artist at

The Adulterated Memories of Il’Atera

This series depicts a world in which ancestral wisdom has been forgotten. In this society, which appears in three phases—Vimanas Era, The Present Day, and Undesirable Future—the government and the media distort information, leaving powerful forces to operate with hidden agendas. The images are digitally manipulated photographs of the sculpture Babylon 3013. Images in this series are limited to editions of 25 each.

Orion’s Brick

When architecture collides with astronomy, archeology, and anthropology, the result is a complex variation. This series of works, based on a single design arranged in different patterns for each unique piece, resonates with both the ancient and the futuristic. Orion’s Brick is an abstract mixture of different forms in multiple layers in which the constellation of Orion and the Giza Pyramids inform an increasing variety of patterns. Across the series, the design evokes the motion of battle as more and more bricks combine.

 The bricks may be arranged to form different shapes for a variety of effects and applications, including interior and exterior cladding, stamped concrete floors or even translucent ceiling tiles for home, office, restaurant, hotel, or retail space. Changes in the texture and transparency of different materials as well as lighting can be used to bring out additional nuances of the design. Contact the artist for guidance on custom arrangements.